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Pac Sci Center Science On Wheels: Space Odyssey

A live science show, hands-on class workshops, and a pop-up exhibit that brought tactile learning to our students.

Student Grant Recipients Total: 278

Award Amount: $2,900

The Pacific Science Center hosted a full-day Science on Wheels program at Edmonds Elementary thanks to a fully funded EE STARS grant award of $2,900.

The day blasted off with a whole school live science show where our students contemplated the real size of the moon, investigate astronomy tools, and helped an astronaught in training prepare for a trip to the moon.

Our library held a pop-up exhibit bringing the tactile learning of the Science Center for teachers and their classes to drop by and explore throught out the day. With the help of parent volunteers, our students designed their own constellations, looked at the surface of Mars in 3D, completed a moon puzzle, found out how much they weighed on Venus, and more.

Additionally, each class had a hands-on 30 to 45 minute workshop taught by a Pacific Science Center educator tailored to each grade level. These programs are designed to support current science standards and spark curiosity and a love of exploration and experimentation in students grades K-8. A favorite workshop was the portable planetarium where students learned how to “read” the Edmonds nighttime sky and searched the local skies for seasonal constellations.

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