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Enriching Educational Experiences

STARS stands for "Supporting the Teaching of Art, Reading and Science." The EE STARS Foundation raises money to meet this objective specifically for Edmonds Elementary School. STARS represents a targeted opportunity for you to bring your ideas to life for the enrichment of your school community and your student's learning experience. 

We help to fill in the gaps left by State and District funding. Rather than asking families or teachers to pay for individual field trips, educational experiences and supplies, STARS provides grant money to cover the cost for everyone.


Teachers, parents, and even community members who see a need that can be fulfilled within the scope of the STARS mission can apply for grants that STARS board members vote to approve typically approved twice a year. 

Edmonds Elementary STARS Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The federal tax identification number is 91-1923312.

2023-24 Board

Meet your 2023-24 STARS board. We currently have open positions. Interested in joining? Contact us today. 


Tessa Tiña

Fundraising + Auction

Andrew Bennett

Vice President

Emily Rastall


Courtney Hanrahan


Courtney Jansen

Grant Coordinator

Lindsey Greene

PTA Representative

Diana Bell

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