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Our Vision

EE STARS Foundation knows that teachers and students need our community’s support more than ever. It is our goal to help bridge the gap between what families can provide, what our school district and state funding can support, and what our students immediately need in the classroom.

We aim to ensure equitable distribution of funds raised to support students. We are always open to new ways of raising funds or providing resources to enhance students art, science, technology and reading experiences in the classroom. 

As EE STARS continues to work towards strengthening our ability to specifically support Edmonds Elementary educators in teaching art, reading and science, we’d hope to meet our students’ families where they are. Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, we’ve been providing opportunities to be involved or donate to EE STARS’ mission’s efforts all throughout the year encouraging our EE community to give what you can, when you can. Our goal is not to overwhelm, but rather empower our community to choose when and how it best fits their family to contribute. 

EE STARS wants to show gratitude to the Edmonds Elementary communities before us who donated to our foundation so that future students could benefit from their generosity. They paid it forward for us and we hope that we can do the same.

If you’ve shown support in any way to EE STARS fundraising efforts, we are genuinely grateful. 


The funds raised from our organization offer our teachers and families the extra resources needed to enhance our student’s education and experiences. EE STARS grants have supported field trips, educational enrichment programs and activities, supplies and other learning supports for our EE students and teachers. Click here to learn about past funded STARS grants.

For the 2022-23 school year, we reintroduced Edmonds Elementary STARS Foundation to the EE community with new opportunities to be involved or donate to EE STARS’ mission’s efforts all throughout the year. STARS began an Amazon Classroom Wish List inviting our families to directly donate items from a teacher-curated list to individual classrooms and specialists. STARS was able to support our educators with over 1,000 items valued at approximately $4,000.


We also launched our Play It Forward Virtual Fundraiser, Mini Auction + Game Night Spring Fundraiser in May 2023 and raised $13,000. This effort was a combination of asking our EE community to join together with family and friends or individually donate to EE STARS online. The effort then led up to a family-friendly event night where paid admission was open for all to join in on outdoor yard games, fun activities, food trucks and a live silent auction. In years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic, EE STARS has hosted an auction adult event in the spring that has raised anywhere from $46,000 to $75,000 exclusively for Edmonds Elementary School.


Your involvement helps make our efforts a success. We are always seeking to find more parent engagement, more teacher and community experiences, and continued assistance as we seek to plan an auction or event. Contact us today to get involved or sign up for our newsletter!

Previously Funded by EE STARS


Students and their families get the opportunity to explore science and art topics outside of a school curriculum. A wide range of art and science ideas and topics  encourage students to experiment, ask questions and be creative.


School Mural

Students got hands on experience of making self-portraits out of clay from concept to kiln for a final firing, Art docents then put the tiles onto the wooden background and adding the finishing touches. This mural is displayed by the library.


Scholastic News / Let's Find Out

Teachers use student friendly weekly newspapers for individual and group research as well as discussion starters and literacy development. This helps support the learning of Common Core State Standards.

If you're interested in joining us, we'd love to hear from you
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