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  • Can anyone submit a proposal? Teachers? Parents? Board Members? Community Members?
    Yes to all. Be sure to check with any staff included in your project (such as the teachers of the grades you wish to participate in the project). This is especially important for field trip projects. You can connect to teachers through EE STARS Foundation Teacher Representatives. Contact to get connected.
  • What projects or activities have been popular in the past? What has gone well? What are some lessons learned?
    Successful Projects Art projects, books and art materials, in class projects, visiting artists, author days, school plays, field trips, curriculum enhancements, community science expo night, community art expo night, visiting science shows Lessons Learned Fun, activity-based projects are the best and most engaging Calculate costs carefully so that actual expenses do not go over the total grant amount Be sure to coordinate with staff/teachers potentially impacted by your project. Check the school calendar or work with the office manager.
  • Does every project need a ‘school champion’ at the school as a proposal contact or to help facilitate the activity?
    Yes, the open communication between the staff, parents or guardian and community is what makes the grants work so well. If you are a staff member, you are the EE champion. Contact the STARS Teacher Representative to help you find your school champion if you do not have one.
  • I have an idea for an activity, but am not sure how to go about getting a proposal together. Who should I contact? How can I find other parents or teachers who may be willing to help?
    Contact the STARS Board, appropriate teacher representative, or your classroom teacher.
  • What approvals, if any do I need from the school before submitting a proposal? Who should I connect with?
    Since there are so many avenues an EE STARS project may take, always consult an EE STARS Teacher Representative or the front office if you have an idea for a project.
  • When can I submit a proposal? How do I submit one?
    There is a fall (November) and Spring (February) grant cycle when the board awards a majority of the annual funding for projects. However, if you have a proposal you wish to submit outside of these times, contact the STARS board at If your grant is in need of expedited review, please note this on our online grant proposal form. To fill out and submit a grant proposal form online, click here.
  • How much is the average proposal (cost per student)? How do I create a proposal budget? How do I know I have included all the costs associated with the project?
    For the 2018 Spring funding cycle: 27 proposals submitted 25 proposals awarded or partially awarded $625 was the average proposal amount $42 was the average funding per student at EE in this cycle (all projects) The average cost per student per proposal varies significantly depending on type of project
  • How do I find out if school or district policies prohibit certain activities, or require prior approvals? What types of activities or expenses are not allowed?
    Run your project idea by the office manager and principal. The following activities or expenses are not allowed: Classroom furniture Classroom parties Food and beverages Tickets for non-chaperone parent participants on field trips
  • What is taken into consideration when considering if a project should be funded or not? Is there a scoring card with different weighted categories?
    Considerations include: Does it fit the STARS mission? How many students will be involved in the activity? What is the cost per student? Amount of money available for funding in a particular cycle. Are all grade levels being equally represented in the approved proposals? STARS discusses each grant completely and independently. There is currently not a scoring card with weighted categories for proposals. Some proposals are partially-funded.
  • What are some proposal budget tips?
    Research and itemize each cost, including tax and shipping Include transportation costs, if applicable Check with office on any potential janitor or other facility costs Consider ongoing maintenance costs if applicable, and how they will be covered after the end of the project period Include any cost sharing (where costs from the project will be covered by a source other than EE STARS such as families, donations from businesses, etc.) Chaperone ticket costs are an allowable expense and can be included in the proposal budget Consider the parameters of your project to help identify potential hidden costs Send a draft of your proposal to EE STARS and the office to ask for feedback on your budget to help ensure you have considered all costs. Sometimes you may need more materials or money as the situation may change. You can request additional funds from EE STARS to cover where you under-budgeted, but please be sure to do this in advance of the expenses being accrued to ensure that you will be covered.
  • How do I pay for costs once I get a grant? Can I get a cash advance of funds, or do I have to pay for expenses up front?
    Costs are either paid up front and reimbursed by the STARS treasurer; paid for by a purchase order and reimbursed by the STARS treasurer; or paid up front by the STARS treasurer. For questions related to which scenario would be appropriate for your project, speak with the office manager and she will help you.
  • Are there any requirements once I get an award that need to be followed?
    REQUIRED: Keep receipts (be sure to enter your grant number on each receipt). REQUIRED: Turn in receipts with reimbursement form to the STARS treasurer immediately after the grant has been completed. REQUIRED: Only expenditures approved in your proposal budget are allowable. If additional expenses are required, or re-budgeting desired, please contact STARS. REQUIRED: Take photos and send to DESIRED: Have the students make a poster or write letters to EE STARS.
  • What if I need additional funds to support my activity or project?
    Immediately contact STARS at about your need for more money. The Board may need to vote on the increased costs depending on the amount and percentage increase.
  • How do I connect with other parent who may be interested in volunteering for my project?
    Attending school events and PTA nights is a very productive way to network for your projects. Additionally, connecting with your classroom teacher, the office, or STAR Teacher Representatives, or a STARS board member provides more resources.
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