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2nd Graders Experience Local Guided Forest Tour

Students will get hands-on experience with nature to support 2nd Grade Animal Relationships Science Unit

Student Grant Recipients Total: 37

Award Amount: $210

The two 2nd grade classes will be taken on a guided tour of one of the few large areas of native forests that remain in Edmonds. This will give students a great opportunity to learn about the different habitats it provides for creatures to support their Animal Relationships Science unit.

The 2nd graders will be able to see the mixed stands of Western red cedar, red alder, big-leaf maple, western hemlock trees and other plantlife. They will also be able to have a chance discover numerous insects, amphibians, and even salmon in its lower reaches. Students may also get a glimpe of resident and migratory birds.

This local Discovery Program is through The City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Human Services.

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