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Winging It: A Time-Traveling Journey at the Museum of Flight

Ms. Anderson and Mr. Ochoa's classes soar through aviation history, exploring past, present, and future of flight

Student Grant Recipients Total: 55

Estimated Award Amount: $841.97*

Ms. Anderson and Mr. Ochoa's classes will embark on an exciting journey through aviation's rich history, present, and future with the 'Flying through Time' program, generously supported by a fully funded STARS grant award. From the earliest flying machines to the cutting-edge jets of today, students will be guided on a self-paced exploration, using engaging booklets as their compass. Students will explore the aircraft in the T.A. Wilson Great Gallery and observe changes in aircraft design over time. In addition, they'll have the chance to marvel at the evolution of aircraft design and discover the local contributions made by Boeing. 

This educational experience aligns perfectly with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) of Engineering Design and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of Speaking & Listening, Literacy, and Language. So, while our students are having a blast, they're also meeting important educational benchmarks.

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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