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Sparking Curiosity, a Love of Learning for 3rd Graders

Ms. Moore’s third grade class receives an annual subscription to Scholastic News, exploring nonfiction texts

Student Grant Recipients Total: 18 students

Award Amount: $128.68

STARS covered the full cost of the annual Scholastic News subscription for Ms. Moore’s third grade class. Scholastic News inspires students with a lifelong love of reading by providing resources and articles that reflect students’ diverse experiences. Students will receive a monthly subscription to the third grade Scholastic News to explore nonfiction texts including articles on current events, science news, and high interest topics to engage in the reading process.  Providing a subscription for each student allows students to store their magazines and read them multiple times, which is especially helpful for emergent readers to gain sight word and reading strategy knowledge. Scholastic News is integrated into the classroom curriculum as a supplement to social studies, science, writing and reading.

Images courtesy of Scholastic News

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