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Reptile Man Presents Live Reptiles in School Assembly

An engaging experience helping students to learn about reptiles, habitats, and conservation

Student Grant Recipients Total: 273

Award Amount: $595

The Reptile Man is coming to Edmonds Elementary to lead our school in an educational assembly on reptiles, animal conservation and reptile ecosystems. During his visit, The Reptile Man will talk about eight to 12 reptiles from all over the world. All students K-6 participate in the assembly that takes place during the day thanks to a fully funded STARS grant award.

As a bonus the Reptile Man offered to host an hour-long, all ages evening event for families. He will then share different animals than presented at the school assembly. The Reptile Man will even give time at the end of the event to take pictures and get a close up view. Entry cost will be subsidized for families at $2 per person.

Click here for more details about the all ages evening Reptile Man event.

Photo by Fatima Garcia / Unsplash

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