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Park Naturalist Engages 3rd Graders in Wildlife Study

Campus hands-on investigation fosters environmental stewardship, learning for students

Student Grant Recipients Total: 30

Award Amount: $84

A naturalist from the Edmonds Park and Recreation Department will be visiting our school to engage our third-grade students in an exciting hands-on investigation around our campus. The students will have the opportunity to identify the animals currently using our campus and where they are located. They will also collect data and brainstorm ways to make our space more inviting for other wildlife. Both 3rd grade classes will work closely with the Naturalist to identify wildlife around the Edmonds Elementary campus. Students will be paired up to think of creative ways to make our space more inviting for wildlife. These groups will then plan some simple, hands-on school projects to support wildlife on our campus. This experience will help students learn how to share space with living organisms in their environment.

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