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Incorporating Art into Social Emotional Learning Lesson

Students design a Peace Rock to keep with an image or word of their choice that represents peace in their lives

Student Grant Recipients Total: 273

Estimated Award Amount: $181.52

The purpose of the SEL lesson on Peace Rocks is to teach the importance of peace and gratitude in a hands-on manner. All students created a rock that they will keep with an image/word of their choice that represents peace in their lives, incorporating art into SEL lessons. This was a creative exercise where students used acrylic paint pens to create their own vision of what brings them peace in everyday life.   

School counselor, Ms. Torelli then led classroom discussions on the importance of gratitude in our lives and how it creates a more peaceful existence.  

Students benefited from hands-on learning and a discussion of gratitude and peace. They will be able to keep the rock which will be a reminder of what brings them peace in their life. Integrating art and creativity into the SEL lesson will assist in reinforcing these important concepts.

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