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Clay Teacher Training and Supply Replenishment

Artist Julie Pierinne to train teachers on clay technique, giving more student opportunities to create with clay

Estimated Award Amount: $431.58*

Clay artist Julie Pierinne will train classroom teachers on basic clay techniques so that classroom teachers will utilize the school kiln and implement more clay art experiences across all classrooms. 

Teachers will learn basic clay making techniques focusing on pinch pots and all the different ways you can create with this technique. Pierinne will also cover using texture for decoration and scoring to add to pieces. Additionally, staff will learn glazing basics and be trained to use the kiln.

The goal is to have at least one teacher per grade level to feel comfortable and knowledgeable with this art medium so that more students will have the opportunity to create with clay. 

Photo by Cottonbro Studio

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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