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5th Graders Participate in 35th Annual Law Day

Students Participate in Legal System Activities, Foster Positive Law Enforcement Relationships

Student Grant Recipients Total: 35

Estimated Award Amount: $310.50*

Edmonds Elementary's fifth graders, along with their district peers, embark on a legal adventure at the 35th annual Law Day. With transportation expenses covered by STARS, this educational journey into the world of law comes with no additional costs for the students.

The event begins with a presentation at the Snohomish County courthouse, where students are introduced to various aspects of the legal system. Classroom sessions then explore state laws, including important topics like vehicle safety and front-seat rules for those under 13.

Law Day, held yearly nationwide, provides programs for students to learn essential skills, promote safety, and engage with their community. Courthouse staff enthusiastically welcome students, creating a memorable educational experience for everyone involved.

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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