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3rd Graders Investigate Ponds at Brightwater Center

Students will engage in a field study of the wetland habitat at the Brightwater Water Treatment Facility

Student Grant Recipients Total: 34

Estimated Award Amount: $213.91*

Edmonds Elementary third graders will go on a field trip this June to Brightwater Center to reinforce the concepts taught in the 3rd grade classrooms that relate to the scientific process, habitats, wetlands, ecosystems, and biodiversity. The City of Seattle funds this 3.5-hour hands-on scientific learning experience, while a STARS grant will cover all transportation costs of approximately $214.

In this field study, students will engage in the scientific process through an investigation of two of Brightwater’s ponds; Storm Pond and Otter Pond. They’ll investigate both ponds up close and really dig into what makes them unique. Students will spend a large portion of their field study in and around the ponds at Brightwater and in the lab using microscopes, focused on answering the field study question: Which pond has more types of macroinvertebrates (or water bugs)? Each student will make observations and predictions in the field, collect specimens from the Brightwater Ponds, tabulate data using microscopes in the lab, write a conclusion, and discuss their results using our prepared field journal. The investigation meets current Science Standards related to the third grade Water Unit and English Language Arts Common Core Standards.

Photos: Benjamin Benschneider 

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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