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1st Graders Go on a 'Zoo-pendous' Learning Safari

First graders explore animal habitats and defenses extending science and writing curriculum beyond the classroom

Student Grant Recipients Total: 52 

Estimated Award Amount: $1239.98*

Our first-grade students will experience the wonders of science firsthand by visiting the zoo, thanks to this fully funded STARS grant, which costs approximately $1239.98*. During this trip to Woodland Park Zoo, our young learners will be given the opportunity to observe animal habitats and defenses up close. This field trip will also provide our 1st graders with invaluable real-world experiences that will enhance their understanding of the subjects they are studying. Not only will they get to see habitats and defenses of animals, but they will also have the chance to engage with their education outside of the classroom. In addition, this experience will help students develop science writing skills.

Image above: Malayan tiger, Azul, is making herself right at home in her Banyan Wilds habitat. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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