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Pacific Science Center Takes Edmonds Elementary on a Cosmic Learning Adventure

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

EE STARS funds a $2,900 grant for all students, whole school day experience on campus

EE STARS is excited to bring Pacific Science Center Science On Wheels: Space Odyssey to all students at Edmonds Elementary. This experience will happen at school on Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2023.

We’ll blast off in the morning with a live science show for the entire school where students will help an astronaut-in-training prepare for a trip to the moon. This assembly takes off with a mind-blowing demonstration about the vacuum of space. Our students will also contemplate the real size of the moon and investigate astronomy tools.

Designed by macrovector / Freepik

Our library will hold a pop-up exhibit bringing the tactile learning of the Science Center for students to explore. Throughout the day, our students will be able to: explore meteorites, constellations and Jupiter’s storms, be an astronomer when they manipulate a robot arm or look at the surface of Mars, discover what the Big Dipper looks like from the other side of the galaxy, find out how much they weigh on Venus, and more.

Additionally, each class will have the opportunity to have a 30-minute to 45-minute, hands-on workshop taught by a Pacific Science Center educator tailored to each grade level. These programs are designed to support current science standards and spark curiosity and a love of exploration and experimentation in students grades K-8.

If you'd like to learn about or sign up to volunteer on Mar. 29, click here.

This day is funded in part by a $2,900 grant from EE STARS and contributions to EE STARS Foundation from families like you. We thank you for helping EE STARS bring this day of interactive learning and science to Edmonds Elementary students.

If you’d like to help raise funds specifically for art, reading and science educational experiences like Pacific Science Center Science On Wheels: Space Odyssey, donate here.

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