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Join Our 2023-24 Board

Updated: Jan 24

Be a part of the EE STARS Board and create a bigger personal impact in our Edmonds Elementary's students' educational experiences. By joining the board, you can use your skill sets to further our initiative and make decisions within our organization.

  • All board members will attend at least three to four annual board meetings to vote on proposals, address administrative and financial matters, etc.

  • Board Members shall serve a two-year term and not more than two consecutive terms in the same position.

  • Represent the Foundation at School functions and events.

  • New EE STARS Board members will be voted into office by a majority of current members in August.

See below for key points of each board position to find out what role fits you best!

President 2022-24

Position Currently Filled by Tessa Tina

  • Encourage participation by all Foundation members by providing clear communication concerning the Foundation.

  • Represent the Foundation at school functions and other events.

  • Serve as official liaison and meet as needed with Principal or other Edmonds Elementary School Staff to discuss STARS business items.

  • Circulate clear and thorough information materials, including an agenda, to all members one to two weeks (when possible) before each Board Meeting. Tabulate all voting as needed.

Vice President 2022-24

Position Currently Filled by Emily Rastall

  • Assist the President and act as the President when the President is not present.

  • Collaborate on meeting agendas with the President and communicate with Board Members to encourage attendance at meetings and participation.


  • The secretary will take all minutes and notes at all Board Meetings, keep a record of typed minutes, update minutes for times when communications are made via e-mail and not a physical meeting.

  • Weekly check and respond to email on

Treasurer 2022-25

Position Currently Filled by Courtney Hanrahan

  • Responsible for filing financial reports and tax returns and has the authority to sign Foundation checks.

  • Maintain letters of recognition, and all Foundation legal documents and financial records.

  • Communicate with the President all requests for funds and ensure procedures are followed for each.

  • Set up, facilitate, and oversee all financial business transactions and accounting during and after the annual auction.

  • Provide financial statements to all Board Members by July of each year.

  • Treasurer shall serve a three-year term and not more than two consecutive terms.

Grant Coordinator 2022-24

Position Currently Filled by Lindsey Greene

  • Serve as contact for EE STARS Board to EE staff and parents for all communication regarding STARS Grant proposals.

  • Analyze and organize grant proposals to present to the Board for voting.

  • Utilize data analysis to insure funds are awarded equitably among classes and students.

  • Contact faculty and staff to initiate the beginning of a Grant Cycle, publish deadlines. Coordinate with Treasurer on timely end of year reconciliation of open grants.

EXPO Chair and Grant Booster

  • Organize, execute and promote Annual STARS EXPO event/whole school grants

  • Encourage the equal sharing of grant awards in reading, science and arts.

  • Facilitate conversation with teachers, staff and parents about potential grant proposals.

  • Works closely with Grant Coordinator

PTA Representative 2023-25

Position Currently Filled by Diana Bell

  • Facilitate open communication between the Foundation and Edmonds Elementary PTA.

  • Suggest means by which the Foundation and PTA can work together to promote the educational experience of Edmonds Elementary students.

Communications Representative

  • Insure timely distribution of information about Foundation through social media, website, newsletters and fliers for public EE STARS meetings and events.

Social Chair

  • Serve as public liaison and assist in finding resources within the community that may benefit and or support the management of the Foundation.

  • Plan a minimum of two annual social events for outreach.

Fundraising Representative 2023-25

Position Currently Filled by Andrew Bennett

  • Member of the Fundraising and/or Auction committee that organizes annual large fundraiser/auction, recruits committee members, and oversees all large fundraiser/auction business.

  • Attend STARS Board meetings to update on happenings of large fundraiser/auction committees.

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