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Edmonds Elementary STARS Foundation

Supporting the Teaching of Art, Reading and Science



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What We Do


Supporting Our Students

The funds that the Edmonds Elementary STARS Foundation secures enhances curriculum for art, reading and science specifically at 
Edmonds Elementary School.


Raising Funds

EE STARS Foundation provides educational  grant money specifically to Edmonds Elementary that our community raises to fill in shortfalls from district and state funding. 


Partnering with Educators

We are a parent led and parent run community that partners with our teachers and administrators in enriching Edmonds Elementary and students' learning experiences.

How Does It Work?

STARS stands for "Supporting the Teaching of Art, Reading and Science." The STARS Foundation raises money for this objective specifically for Edmonds Elementary School. STARS represents the most direct and targeted opportunity for you to bring your ideas to life for the enrichment of your school community and your student's learning experience.

As with all Washington public schools, Edmonds Elementary continues to suffer significant budget reductions. STARS believes that the stimulation of curiosity and the love of learning requires that "little extra" which basic public funding now struggles to provide. With programs funded by STARS, Edmonds Elementary students can receive that extra edge.


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