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Doktor Kaboom and the Wheel of Science at ECA

This science show had 1st and 2nd graders laughing but also learning about the modern scientific method.

Student Grant Recipients Total: 82

Award Amount: $756

The first and second grade classes got to walk over to the Edmonds Center for the Arts to see the show “Doktor Kaboom and The Wheel of Science.” EE STARS awarded the 100% of the student ticket costs of $756 of this enrichment experience while chaperones took care of their own tickets and educators were free of charge. This show provided students the opportunity to observe a scientist demonstrating chemical reactions, optical illusions and more. The visit introduced and extended our students’ knowledge of scientific concepts, provided first-hand observations of experiments and ignited interest in the field of science. Doktor Kaboom had our students amazed and engaged during his Wheel of Science show in early November, featuring everything from optical illusions, to chemical reactions, to a homemade hovercraft! Science. Comedy. Kaboom!

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