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4th Graders Were Off to See the Wizard at SCT

Students attended The Wizard of Oz production to watch classic story come alive on stage with modern twist

The 4th grade students attended The Wizard of Oz production by Seattle Children’s Theatre this May. EE STARS partially funded this grant proposal that included partial student ticket fees, teachers' tickets and district bus expenses for an expected amount of $740, 74% of the $1,000 total cost for this educational experience. Students' families were asked to contribute $5 towards their 4th grader's ticket while parent/guardian chaperones will be covering their own ticket expenses.

Students in 4th grade learn about narratives each year and they participatein writing many different narratives throughout the year. Each narrative includes story elements that students need to understand as they grow as readers. By attending The Wizard of Oz production by Seattle Children’s Theatre, students will watch The Wizard of Oz book turn into a visual spectacle. The 4th graders will be able to watch and listen to a story that includes examples of many different story elements from the theme to the feeling of the main character. This classic story is also a great opportunity for students to learn about different types of literature and how it is used to entertain readers.

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