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3rd Grade Visit Burke Museum, Enriching Curriculum

The 3rd graders to visit Burke Museum, explore the living Native American traditions enriching their reading and writing curriculum

Student Grant Recipients Total: 34

Estimated Award Amount: $220+*

The 3rd grade students are scheduled to go on a field trip to Burke Museum this March. EE STARS was asked to fund the mileage and driver costs of approximately $220, and partial costs attributed to the $130 museum entrance fee per class into the museum. Each student's family will be asked to contribute $5 per student to help cover the entrance fee for this educational experience that enriches 3rd grade curriculum.

During the museum tour students will explore the living Native American traditions of fishing and weaving, techniques of basket making and carving, and the significance of stories and ceremonies using the museum’s collection of artifacts and art. Students will work in small groups exploring the exhibits, collecting facts and information for their Native American research projects. 

This tour will help students build background knowledge about various Native American cultures and traditions. All third grade students write an information report about a Native American tribe so this trip builds a hands-on understanding of the various tools and artifacts used in the daily lives of Native Americans. Students will appreciate the link between Native American cultures and the skillful use of natural resources.

Image Courtesy of Evidence Design.

*Total award amount is an estimate. Final numbers will not be available until all receipts have been submitted and projects completed.

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