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New EE STARS Board Voted In

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

EE STARS is pleased to welcome our 2022-24 board members:

  • President: Tessa Tiña

  • Vice-President: Emily Rastall

  • Secretary: Jenika Richard-Webber

  • Treasurer*: Courtney Hanrahan

  • Grants Coordinator: Gretchen Ziobro

  • Staff Representative: Jennifer Anderson

We look forward to the fresh perspectives and valuable insight of our new board members as we continue our commitment to our EE STARS mission and our EE community.

While our current board is sharing the responsibilities of some of our open board positions such as Communications Coordinator or Fundraising Coordinator, please reach out to if you feel like this is a fit for you.

*The treasurer position is a 3-year role.

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