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Clear Their Lists of Their Favorite (Art, Reading and Science) Things

Updated: Nov 21

Donate supplies directly to your child's classroom and specialist classes

Please join STARS in our donation drive for art, science, and reading supplies for Edmonds Elementary. You can make a direct impact in your child's 2023-24 classroom and specialists classes by donating items from their teacher-curated Amazon wish list.

We’re hoping, at minimum, to fulfill each classroom's or specialist classes' top 3 needs.

Here’s how to contribute:

  • Pick an item from the teacher’s list and have it sent from Amazon to the school*

  • Alternatively, shop locally and drop the item off at the front office

  • Consider teaming up with another family to purchase one of the higher-priced items and email so we can take it off the list

If all items from your child's classroom teacher have been donated, think about supporting our school's specialist educators or other classroom teachers whose needs have not been met yet.

Edmonds Elementary Educators:

*Amazon Shipping Troubleshooting

Amazon is experiencing issues with the purchase and shipping of some list items and are working to have a fix out soon. If you are experiencing these issues, add Edmonds Elementary’s address (1215 Olympic Ave, Edmonds, WA 98020) to your Amazon address book and have the item delivered to the school. Another option is to have the item(s) sent to your home and then dropping it off in the front office.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as Amazon works to resolve this issue.

Help Unbox the Joy

It's so much fun to open up all the Amazon boxes and sort the treats into teachers' boxes. Sign up to help us unbox orders here!

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